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Smart phones, cell phone masts and smart meters all emit unseen radiation which is increasingly acknowledged to adversely impact human health. It is difficult if not nearly impossible to avoid this radiation. It is also unlikely that we can turn the clock back to an earlier time when this man made radiation technology did not exist. So is there a solution to this 21st century plague?
In the past, plagues and other infectious diseases were not properly understood… until the advent of the microscope. And there was no antidote until the discovery of antibiotics. We are in a similar position now with the subtle but potent effects of wi-fi/ EMF.

Some of the available options include shielding the home, not having smart meters installed in the home and not using one’s smart phone excessively. There are also several devices which claim to neutralise the damaging effects of this radiation which can be worn by the user.

However as Marshall MacLuhan says “This age of anxiety is the result of using yesterday’s tools to solve today’s problems.” We need to address challenges to the human light-energy field with tools that can directly address this field.

The Supercoherence Wellness Frequency tool is worn as a pendant and contains a combination of specific Lumanetic Frequencies which have been shown to mitigate and alleviate the symptoms of electromagnetic stress. As the field is strengthened in this way sleep patterns regularise, sensitivity to smart phones is decreased substantially and often there is a reversal of long standing symptoms. So although the external environment remains the same, the body is enabled to deal with the challenge very differently and does so very effectively.

Please Note:
A few people have reported that they feel tired for the first few days or as long as a couple of weeks, before their energy system re-configures to a higher level and the benefits can be noticeable to the user. One way to offset the tiredness is to use it for short periods – and not use it for the whole day, until your system tolerates it well. Do not give up using the frequency – the tiredness will pass.
Another point is that we do NOT recommend people on Allopathic medication to use the Wellness Frequency.

Due to the handmade nature of this product, patterns and colour shades may vary slightly from the picture shown.


We do not recommend the Supercoherence Frequencies for personal use in cases of serious physical trauma, or for people who have serious medical conditions requiring allopathic medication.

These are not medical processes, nor medical products and are not intended to diagnose or treat or cure any disease.

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